My Garden: Early Harvest

A side project: Let’s try to grow some food! My potato plants were not looking too good – probably because I opted to forget to water them – so I decided to go ahead and start digging.  My first potato harvest…and it was like hunting for treasure.  You think your done and then you hit gold as your shovel grazes a nice plump purple fruit in the ground.  Suddenly playing in the dirt...

DIY Wedding Invitations

After weeks of printing, gluing, and addressing the wedding invitations are out! Guest should be receiving them in the next few days. The stock is from Hobby Lobby, the ribbon is the color “poppy” from JoAnns, and printing was done at home on my ol trusty Canon. To create the ribbon effect I used a ribbon stitch punch on the cardstock and tied a small ribbon around a larger ribbon through the punch...

Links for a Savvy Surfer

Here are just some of my favorite places to waste time on the web: Blogs Paramore|Redd One of the few feeds I continually click through every week because of their Internet marketing advice, current topics, and variety of talented authors.  If you want to learn about ppc, seo, email marketing techniques, social networking and all things Tennessee, one word: subscribe. Smashing Aps A truly great resource for...

Save The Dates

Coming to a mailbox near you. Three weeks, couple paper cuts, several trips to Hobby Lobby, and four changes of the ol’ xacto blade is what it took to create over 100 of these handmade invites. Printed on my home Canon inkjet printer, constructed of three staggered squares of white linen paper and tied together with a bright orange ribbon, these are just the start of this crazy process people call wedding...

Sappi Fine Paper

Inspiration was just waiting in our mailbox. It is really fantastic how going to a design conference gets your name into so many mailing lists. Now, granted, everyone hates junk mail. But getting packages of free paper and product samples showcasing great flexibility in what the final product can look & feel like – I will never complain. Be inspired by printing processes. From a soft touch spot...

Logo Design: GIFT gardens

Logo options for non-profit GIFT gardens. GIFT stands for Growing Illinois Food Together. Budget-wise I couldn’t spend a lot of time on this project. Completion time: 1 week. Currently the logo is under review… I will update when design is chosen.

The Fish are alive!

My fish tank is stable again and in full swing. I got 15 fish – and I thought if I named them and wrote their names down I would notice more readily when one mysteriously gets abducted or disappears. Damn Aliens.. So, here we go:6 Tetras: Beast, Bullseye, The Cheat and Minno. Fox & Sea (blue striped tetra) 2 Aussie Rainbows: Trout and Blush 2 Chinese Algaes: Beater and Beauty(the albino) 2 Ghost...

Girls Afternoon! July 11th 2pm

You Are Invited!Wedding planning and jewelry shopping go hand-in-hand, don’t you think?Please join me for an afternoon of fun, fashion and great jewelry from Premier Designs! Friends are welcome, snacks and drinks will be provided, including some bubbly, so come happy and leave happy.Hope to see you there When: July 11th, 2:00pmWhere: Casara’s House1246 Visitation Dr, St. Louis MO 63125

Give me a break

I am ready for summer vacation!Just a few more weeks and I will finally get a break…..I work too hard. Work isn’t allowed in my house anymore, it started to come home with me – so I just stay at the office. I realized today how many home projects I have started and not finished…and only added more projects. Like painting the spare room (2 walls done), creating paintings for the office...

Incubus on Conan.

My all-time fav. musicians were on tonight. So I had to stay up. Mike took us away with his great guitar skills, and Brandon sounded pretty good – especially since it seems every singer on Conan so far has not sounded up to par in my opinion. There must be too much echo in there or something? Incubus will be touring this summer as well – I’ll see you there.
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